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Revelations features photographs acquired for the Ogden Museum’s permanent collection since 2011.
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The contemporary Southern artists in Entwined engage wrapping and binding as a symbolic aesthetic device, and often as a ritual practice within their work. 
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Movement Mondays: Community Storytelling through Murals

In this Movement Monday Activity, imagine murals in your community. In every community there is story to be told. Stories are about making connections. A story can create a connection between the people and their community. The power of community storytelling lies not only in the stories, but in the process of creating those stories. Murals are a...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Geometric Drawing Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Español abajo Create a geometric drawing inspired by Will Henry Stevens. Will Henry Stevens was born 1881 in Vevay, Indiana and was inspired by this pastoral setting from an early age. His father was the town’s apothecary, and taught Stevens the basics of chemistry, which he would use later in life to create his own...
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Movement Mondays: Geometric Scavenger Hunt

Español abajo Explore your home for objects to create a geometric assemblage. Instructions Step 1: Name some shapes. Which shape is your favorite? Search your home for found objects that are various shapes. Be sure to ask a parent or guardian’s permission to use the objects you find. Step 2: Once you have collected some...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Portrait Inspired by Horton Humble

Español abajo Inspired by Horton Humble’s Scattered Sight, illustrate your inner thoughts as an abstract self-portrait. Horton Humble is a member of Level Artist Collective, and a native son of New Orleans. Humble grew up primarily in the Sixth Ward – popularly known today as the Faubourg Tremé. Horton’s work is greatly influenced by his...
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Portrait of Robert Gould

Movement Mondays: Expressing Emotions through Portraiture

Español abajo Express your emotions through portraiture. Kathleen Blackshear is known for her American Scene and Depression Era regionalist style portraits of African Americans. She became a unique teacher of the arts by encouraging her students not only to visit art galleries, but to also spend time in museums of natural history, zoos and cultural...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Line Drawing Inspired by Benny Andrews

Español abajo Draw a line portrait inspired by Benny Andrews. Benny Andrews was born in 1930 to a mixed-race family (Cherokee-Scottish-African American) in rural Plainview, Georgia. After becoming the first member of his family to graduate from high school, he attended Fort Valley State College supported by a scholarship. He was not allowed to attend...
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Movement Mondays: Living Sculptures

Español abajo Infuse life into a sculpture by recreating it with your own body!  Sculpture is an artistic form in which materials are worked into three-dimensional objects. Sculptures take more volume in space compared to two-dimensional objects such as paintings or drawings for example. An enormous variety of media may be used to create a...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Landscape Drawing Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Español abajo Create an abstract drawing of a nature scene near you. Will Henry Stevens, Abstract Mississippi River, 1942, Pastel on paper Will Henry Stevens was an artist from Indiana who lived in New Orleans for several years. He is known for his geometric abstraction and his en plein air paintings and geometric landscapes of...
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Curated Conversation with MaPó Kinnord Featured in the Solo Exhibition, "Outside In, Improvisations of Space"

Enjoy a new Curated Conversation with Bradley Sumrall, Curator of the Collection, and MaPó Kinnord. Kinnord’s artwork is featured in a solo exhibition currently on view at Ogden Museum called Outside In, Improvisations of Space. See the exhibition at Ogden Museum of Southern Art through July 18, 2021. About Outside In, Improvisations of Space The ceramic...
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Movement Mondays: Nature Assemblage Inspired by Sherry Owens

Español abajo  Explore nature and create an assemblage from natural found objects. Sherry Owens reassembles twigs and branches from the crepe myrtle tree. Inspired by observations in nature, she constructs nest-like objects. Owens develops a language with nature in her work that comments on man’s effect on the changing environment. Instructions Step 1: With the...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Silhouette Portrait Inspired by Clementine Hunter

Español abajo Create a silhouette portrait using bold, solid colors like Clementine Hunter has done. Clementine Hunter was from the Cane River region of Louisiana and taught herself how to paint while living and working on Melrose Plantation. While she did not start painting until later in her life, she took inspiration from her experiences,...
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Movement Mondays: Strike a Pose Inspired by Springtime

Español abajo In this Movement Monday Activity, strike a pose inspired by the springtime plants and animals that you observe. Springtime is associated with the growth of wildflowers, the migration of birds, pollen, bees, and butterflies. Springtime is a wonderful time to observe all the beautiful colors on display. Instructions Step 1: With the help...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Wooden Sculpture Inspired by John Barnes

Español abajo Create a sculptural piece that utilizes repetition and pattern. John Barnes is a sculptor who predominately creates wood assemblages. Barnes first took an interest in art when he enrolled in the Baton Rouge public school system, but his passion flourished while enrolled at Southern A&M University. Using wood found in his Algiers neighborhood,...
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Movement Mondays: Dance Study Break

Español abajo In this Movement Monday, take a study break and create a dance using your name. For students, the start of May signifies warmer weather and the feeling of summertime just around the corner. The beautiful blue skies and anticipation of time off from school can make it difficult to finish the school year...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Floral Still Life Drawing Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Español abajo Find inspiration in floral arrangements and create a still life like artist Will Henry Stevens. Will Henry Stevens was an American modernist painter best known for his pastel paintings of rural South landscapes, abstractions and non-objective artwork. Stevens was born in Vevay, Indiana in 1881. He began as a self-taught painter and mixed...
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Movement Mondays: Animal Movements

Español abajo In this Movement Monday, move like your favorite animal. Animals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and this determines the way that they move. Hummingbirds move their wings at an incredible speed, giraffes have long legs, and snakes slither on their bellies on the ground. Each animal’s method of movement is...
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