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Revelations features photographs acquired for the Ogden Museum’s permanent collection since 2011.
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The contemporary Southern artists in Entwined engage wrapping and binding as a symbolic aesthetic device, and often as a ritual practice within their work. 
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O-riginal Art Activities: Symmetrical Dream Drawing Inspired by Minnie Evans

Español abajo Illustrate your dreams as Minnie Evans has done. Minnie Evans was a visionary artist – her ideas came to her in her dreams. She also drew inspiration from the gardens where she worked. A number of her works feature a symmetrical face surrounded by flora and fauna. Many cultures believe dreams connect us...
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Signs and Symbols 85-1

O-riginal Art Activities: Secret Code Painting Inspired by Ida Kohlmeyer

Create a secret message in your painting by developing a secret code using symbols.   Ida Rittenberg Kohlmeyer was an American painter and sculptor who was born in New Orleans in 1912. She attended Newcomb College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. After finding her love for creating art, she went on to...
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Movement Mondays: Become a Famous Work of Art

Español abajo In this Movement Monday Activity, create a replica of a famous work of art using your body and household found objects. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other media to a solid surface. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Continuous Line Drawing

Español abajo Create a line drawing of your favorite memory without taking the pencil off of the paper.  Benny Andrews was born in 1930 to a multi-cultural family (Cherokee-Scottish-African American) in rural Plainview, Georgia. After becoming the first member of his family to graduate from high school, he attended Fort Valley State College supported by...
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Movement Mondays: Found Object Art Exhibition

Español abajo Search your home for found objects to include in an art exhibition! Supplies Tape, Cardboard boxes Instructions   Step 1: Think about what kind of art exhibition you want to make. Are you going to include sculptures, 2D images or both? Will you include abstract art, representational art or both? Step 2: Explore...
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White Lillies

O-riginal Art Activities: Botanical Illustration Inspired by Lucile Parker

Español abajo Spring is here! Draw a botanical illustration of your favorite flower in this week’s O-riginal Art Activity inspired by Lucile Parker. Lucile Parker was born in Sumrall, Mississippi. Parker earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama. She...
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Movement Mondays: Guess Who?

Español abajo In this Movement Monday Activity, play a game of Guess Who? A classic game of Guess Who? is a perfect activity for indoor play. Stay active by acting out the prompts. Supplies Notepad, pen, bowl, scissors. Instructions Step 1: Play Guess Who? with a group of friends or a parent or guardian.  Step 2:...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Silhouette Portrait Inspired by Clementine Hunter

Español abajo Create a silhouette portrait using bold, solid colors like Clementine Hunter has done. Clementine Hunter was from the Cane River region of Louisiana and taught herself how to paint while living and working on Melrose Plantation. While she did not start painting until later in her life, she took inspiration from her experiences,...
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Movement Mondays: Still Life

Español abajo In this Movement Monday Activity, create your own still life through a scavenger hunt. Still life is a term used by artists to describe art that depicts all kinds of man-made or natural objects such as; cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, fish or wine. The goal of a still life composition is to direct the viewer’s eye...
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Cityscape with Cars

O-riginal Art Activities: Landscape Collage Inspired by Purvis Young

Español abajo In this O-riginal Art Activity create a landscape collage of your city or neighborhood. Purvis Young is an African American artist from Miami, Florida who was born on February 4, 1943. A self-taught artist, Young creates mixed media collage paintings that incorporate depictions of African American heritage and the South. Supplies Multicolored paper,...
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Movement Mondays: Found Object Skyline Sculpture

Español abajo Build your own city skyline using objects you find in your own home! A skyline is the outline of a city against the sky. Skylines are like fingerprints for cities – no two are exactly alike! Because of their beauty and recognizability, skylines are common subjects in various works of art. You’ve probably...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Valentine’s Day Card

In this O-riginal Art Activity create a special handmade Valentine’s Day card for a loved one. Valentine’s Day is a day for spreading love with the people whom you cherish and care about. Valentine’s Day is a day to send out greeting cards and candy grams to those you love. Supplies Color paper (or if...
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Movement Mondays: Take Time and Read

Español abajo Take time to read your favorite book with a parent or guardian. Some days it is great to take time to create moments with your family and friends. Reading is always a good way to spend more time with your family. Reading a book sparks your imagination and can open new doors to...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Horoscope Painting Inspired by Henry Lawrence Faulker

In this O-riginal Art Activity create a watercolor painting that represents your horoscope sign.  Henry Lawrence Faulkner was born on January 9, 1924 in Kentucky. He is best known for his wildly colorful, surreal oil paintings.  He created art during the colorist movement. Supplies Watercolor paint, Brush, Paper towels, Cup of water, White paper. Instructions  ...
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Movement Mondays: Winter Scavenger Hunt

Español abajo Create an assemblage inspired by winter. Instructions Step 1: What are your favorite things about winter? Step 2: Explore your house for objects that remind you of the winter season. Be sure to ask a parent or guardian permission to use the objects that you collected in your artwork. Step 3: Find a...
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2022 I Have a Dream Art Activity

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by reflecting on Dr. King’s legacy and the civil rights movement.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is renowned for his lifelong work in the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was integral in affording African American people equal rights in the U.S. and bringing an end to segregation. His...
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