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Revelations features photographs acquired for the Ogden Museum’s permanent collection since 2011.
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The contemporary Southern artists in Entwined engage wrapping and binding as a symbolic aesthetic device, and often as a ritual practice within their work. 
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Pogee Boat

O-riginal Art Activities: Model Boat Drawing Inspired by James "J.P." Scott

Draw a model boat inspired by the steamboats and fishing boats of Louisiana. James “J.P.” Scott was a Louisiana folk artist who built model boats made from found objects. Throughout most of his life, Scott worked on construction sites and fishing boats. Scott combined his craftsmanship with folk art to create models of boats that...
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Movement Mondays: Drawing Home Inspired by Clementine Hunter

Español abajo In this Movement Monday, draw elements from your life that makes home special to you. Clementine Hunter was from the Cane River region of Louisiana and taught herself how to paint while living and working on Melrose Plantation. While she did not start painting until later in her life, she took inspiration from...
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Highway To Junction

O-riginal Art Activities: Rural Landscape Drawing Inspired by Cecil Casebier

Español abajo Create a landscape inspired by rural highway scenes like Cecil Casebier. Cecil Casebier was born in Fort Stockton, Texas on March 22, 1922. He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and also completed graduate work at the University of Texas. Casebier is best known for his mod portraits, landscapes...
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Movement Mondays: Spring Cleaning Repurposed Found Objects

Español abajo Celebrate spring in this Movement Monday Activity and help find a new life for found objects. With the start of the spring season, people participate in spring-cleaning: the act of tidying up and refreshing one’s household. Spring is the season of new beginnings when the earth starts to come alive again. In our...
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White Lillies

O-riginal Art Activities: Botanical Illustration Inspired by Lucile Parker

Español abajo Draw a botanical illustration of your favorite flower in this week’s O-riginal Art Activity inspired by Lucile Parker. Lucile Parker was born in Sumrall, Mississippi and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama. Parker is best known...
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Improvisation & Creation The Work of MaPó Kinnord

A work of improvisation is something created without preparation. Improvisation relies upon the hands of the artist improvising, channeling their vision through the slippery medium they manipulate. Jazz musicians are famed for their capacity to improvise, and jazz songs are written to make room for improvisation during performances. Such artistry requires immense skill and command...
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Movement Mondays: Field Drawings Inspired by John Taylor and Louisiana Wetlands

Español abajo In this Movement Monday, observe and sketch the different types of flora and fauna that are found in Louisiana. Louisiana’s wetlands are one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the United States, home to an array of plants and animals. Louisiana’s wetlands are being lost at an alarming rate due to a number...
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Figures in a Landscape #1 (Pools)

O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Landscape Inspired by Robert Gordy

Español abajo Use patterns and shapes in your drawing to create an abstract landscape like artist Robert Gordy. Robert Gordy was a Louisiana artist best known for his extraordinary compositional skill and imaginative use of color, shape, and pattern. He was born in Jefferson Island, Louisiana and studied at Hans Hofmann. Gordy is known for...
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Movement Mondays: Abstract Sculpture Inspired by William Monaghan

Español abajo Create an abstract sculpture using a variety of materials in this Movement Monday Activity inspired by William Monaghan. BUILT: Sculptural Art from the Permanent Collection highlights how artists of the America South have explored the power of the sculptural form. Unlike paintings, sculpture exists in the same space as the viewer, which can...
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Mythic Series #31

O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Drawing Inspired by Ida Kohlmeyer

Español abajo Incorporate your own symbols into abstract artwork like artist Ida Kohlmeyer. Ida Kohlmeyer was an American painter and sculptor who lived in Louisiana. She attended Newcomb College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. She began painting in her 30s and returned to Newcomb College in 1956 to earn her Master of...
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Movement Mondays: Repurposed Sculpture for Women's Day Inspired by MaPó Kinnord

Español abajo Experiment with the function of found objects in this Movement Monday Activity inspired by MaPó Kinnord. The ceramic work of New Orleans artist MaPó Kinnord is rooted in the act of improvisation. Through experimentation, Kinnord’s work in clay expands the traditional boundaries of the medium, as she pushes the potential of clay and...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Landscape Drawing Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Español abajo Find inspiration in natural landscapes and create artwork like artist Will Henry Stevens. Will Henry Stevens was an American modernist painter best known for his pastel paintings of the rural South landscapes, abstractions, and non-objective artwork. Stevens was born in Vevay, Indiana in 1881. He began as a self-taught painter and mixed his...
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Movement Mondays: Welcoming Spring with Found Object Assemblage

Español abajo Create an assemblage using found objects in this Movement Monday Activity to welcome springtime and celebrate the beautiful weather!  Today is the first day of March, warmer weather, flowers and blue skies await us as we enter springtime. Instructions   Step 1: What colors do you associate with winter? What colors remind you of...
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1124 Bourbon Street

O-riginal Art Activities: Architectural Drawing Inspired by Robert Helmer

Español abajo Find inspiration in the streets of New Orleans and create an architectural drawing like artist Robert Helmer. Robert Helmer moved to New Orleans in 1949. He was a prominent figure at Tulane University. From 1952 to 1987, Helmer taught architectural design and drawing in the Tulane School of Architecture. He was an influential...
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Movement Mondays: Found Object Assemblage Inspired by the Winter Weather

Español abajo New Orleans experienced cold weather this past week. Create an assemblage using found objects in this Movement Monday Activity inspired by scenes of nature. Due to the severe winter weather in New Orleans and the South over the last week, residents have been spending less time outdoors and more time inside staying warm....
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O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Still Life Inspired by Benny Andrews

Español abajo Find inspiration in your surroundings and create artwork from everyday life like artist Benny Andrews.  Benny Andrews was a multi-racial artist born in 1930 in Plainview, Georgia. He grew up in the Jim Crow South and faced many social injustices. Andrews learned to incorporate the hardships he faced into his artwork. Andrews is most...
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