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Drape Work

Ogden Museum Online Lessons For the Classroom: Sam Gilliam's Drape Work

Abstract artists often use color and shape to express emotions or ideas. Using Drape Work, by Sam Gilliam as inspiration, create a color wash painting and sculpture that reveals the hues and movement of your own emotions. Sam Gilliam is an African American artist who works in color field painting and lyrical abstraction. Gilliam lives and works...
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O / N Art of the South A Collaboration Between Isidore Newman School and the O

Isidore Newman School and the Ogden Museum of Southern recently collaborated and curated the exhibition, O|N Art of the South in the School’s Reynolds Ryan Art Gallery, featuring works from the Museum’s permanent collection alongside work by students. Teachers at Newman used the Southern Vernacular Art from the O’s permanent collection as a resource to discuss art...
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Museum Staff Collections: Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography Sharing the Work of Howard Finster

Have you ever wondered what a curator’s personal art collection might look like? Well, now is your chance to get a glimpse into the collection belonging to Ogden Museum Curator of Photography, Richard McCabe. This blog post is the first in a special series looking at our staff’s personal collections. We hope you enjoy it! ...
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Struggling Tiger in Hard Times

O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Collage Inspired by Thornton Dial

The O-riginal Art Activity explores Thornton Dial’s choice of materials and his use of the tiger symbol in his work. Create your own symbol of strength using found objects. Thornton Dial’s work often draws from his personal experiences of living as an African American man in the South, depicting a range of subjects from race...
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Highlighting the Work of Ernest Withers: Featured in the Exhibition, "Revelations"

                            We got a request on Instagram to show works by photographer, Ernest Withers, and we’re delivering! Today, the O is highlighting Withers’ photographs, Elvis Presley, Backstage with Brook Benton, WDIA Goodwill Review, Memphis, TN and L.C. Bates, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, featured...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Geometric Abstract Collage Inspired by Eugene Martin

Explore the exhibition What Music is Within: Black Abstraction from the Permanent Collection through this abstract collage activity inspired by Eugene Martin. Use shape, color and line to create a geometric art piece.   Eugene Martin is best known for his imaginative, complex mixed media collages on paper, His signature style, a blend of soft organic...
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Spring is Here! Flora And Fauna of Louisiana

  It’s the first day of Spring! To celebrate the new season, the O is highlighting the work of Bricolage Academy students in our Artist and Sense of Place Residency program!  For this residency, ceramic artist Miki Glasser designed a project inspired by the indigenous flora and fauna of Louisiana. Students were introduced to photocopies of various...
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March Collection Highlight: Exploring the Work of Minnie Evans for Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month we are highlighting the work of Minnie Evans, featured in our exhibition, What Music is Within: Black Abstraction from the Permanent Collection. The paintings and drawings of Minnie Evans depict scenes from the artist’s personal dream world. The central theme in Evans’ paintings are organic objects, plants and and eyes encompassing...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Drape Painting Inspired by Sam Gilliam

Push the boundaries of traditional painting with Gilliam’s revolutionary 3D format. Combine painting and sculpture in this abstract art. Sam Gilliam was the first artist to create paintings that weren’t square or rectangular shaped, held tightly in place between wooden frames. He also focused on making paintings without paintbrushes, dipping, dyeing, staining, and splattering his...
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Happy International Women’s Day Highlighting Works by Female Artists at the O!

Happy International Women’s Day! We are celebrating this important day by highlighting work by women artists from our permanent collection, as well as work on view in our upcoming exhibitions, Revelations: Recent Photography Acquisitions and Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art, both opening this month. FLORENCE MCCLUNG Florence McClung’s Cypress Swamp, Caddo Lake, from the...
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Atrium Artist Spotlight Exploring Wayman Adams' "Mariachis"

Wayman Adams was born on September 23, 1883 in Muncie, Indiana. Adams discovered his potential as an artist when he followed a custom practiced by Indiana farmers and decorated his father’s barn with a painting of the family’s prized livestock. When he was fourteen he had his first one-man show in Silverburg’s Drug Store in Muncie, and the local newspapers referred to...
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Stanley Sporney’s “Mardi Gras Nap” February Collection Highlight

With the Mardi Gras festivities starting, we would like to highlight a piece that represents the celebration of the carnival season. Stanley Sporny’s Mardi Gras Nap depicts the essence of the Fat Tuesday tradition of parade goers flooding the streets of New Orleans. The piece shows the excitement to catch Mardi Gras throws, fashionable costumes and exhaustion...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Monument Inspired by John Isiah Walton

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity explored monuments and the stories they tell, examining John Isiah Walton’s paintings. Imagine a new monument for New Orleans. John Isiah Walton, a native New Orleanian, creates paintings that pulsate with the rhythms of contemporary New Orleans music and dance. In his most recent work, Walton explores issues of race,...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Symmetrical Drawing Inspired by Thomas Deaton

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity dove into architecture and place, examining Thomas Deaton’s paintings. Complete the image using symmetry. Thomas Deaton’s work focuses on snapshots of Southern people and places, often in moments of reflection and change in lives that are touched by influences varying from the mundane, the criminal, to the supernatural or uncanny....
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O-riginal Art Activities: Interior Collage Inspired by Matthew Cronin

In this O-riginal Art Activity explore interior spaces using collage. Inspired by Matthew Cornin’s photo collages create your own interior.  Matthew Cronin explores issues of intimacy, familial history, and awareness of traditions by making photographs of fictional interiors and surfaces. He uses photographs taken from a commercial photographer’s archive. Supplies List: Magazines, Glue sticks, Scissors...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Assemblage Inspired by Rontherin Ratliff

Rontherin Ratliff uses architecture as an analogy to the human condition. In this O-riginal Art Activity make a mixed media collage. Create your own abstract assemblage that represents your home. A New Orleans native, Rontherin Ratliff, commonly uses architecture as analogous to the human condition in his work. In 2015, he co-founded the Level Artist Collective...
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