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Presenting works that use abstraction as a powerful modality of expression. Each of the artists in the exhibition project their own voice to convey their individual visions.
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Revelations features photographs acquired for the Ogden Museum’s permanent collection since 2011.
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The contemporary Southern artists in Entwined engage wrapping and binding as a symbolic aesthetic device, and often as a ritual practice within their work. 
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Peer into Melvin Edwards’ world of twisting, sinuous metal and you will find a place of possibility, an environment where found objects expand—both formally and conceptually—beyond the boundaries of their given form.
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Movement Mondays: Ephemeral Earth Art

Español abajo Create a work of Earth art in your own backyard! Earth art, sometimes called environmental art or land art, is a style of art that uses nature as its materials. Artists began making Earth art in the 1960s and 19070s to emphasize the connections between humans and the environment. Earth artworks can range...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Stacked Perspective Drawing Inspired by Clementine Hunter

Español abajo Create your own super tall drawing of whatever scene you like! Clementine Hunter, Flowing River, circa 1950, Medium Oil on panel Clementine Hunter was born in 1886 near Natchitoches, Louisiana. Hunter spent most of her life working as a physical laborer and housemaid on the Melrose Plantation. In her late fifties, she taught...
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Sketching Demo A Collaboration with the World War II Museum

The Monuments Men are known for rescuing priceless art pieces from the Nazis. Works such as the Mona Lisa, Beethoven’s original manuscript of his Sixth Symphony, and the golden Bust of Charlemagne were recovered through their missions. In appreciation for artworks of all kinds, enjoy a short sketching workshop with Michelle Pontiff, Education Coordinator at...
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Movement Mondays: Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Español abajo Create your own 3D color wheel by collecting and arranging objects in your own house! A color wheel is a tool used to show the relationships between colors. Red, blue, and yellow are called primary colors because they are the foundation for all of the other colors on the wheel. In fact, it...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Calligraphy Self-Portrait Inspired by Sister Gertrude Morgan

Español abajo Create your own self-portrait with an important message! Sister Gertrude Morgan, Self-Portrait / Revelations, 1965, Mixed media on paper Sister Gertrude Morgan was born in Alabama in 1900 and moved to New Orleans in the 1930s, where she was a street preacher for several years. Along with two other female street preachers, Sister...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Symmetrical Painting Inspired by Minnie Evans

Español abajo Create your own symmetrical abstract painting! Minnie Evans, Untitled, c. 1970, Mixed media on paper Minnie Evans was an artist who spent most of her life in Wilmington, North Carolina. She served as a gatekeeper at the famous Arlie Gardens for several years and much of her work is inspired by the beautiful...
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June Collection Highlight Lonnie Holley

  This month’s Ogden Museum permanent collection artist highlight focuses on Lonnie Holley. Lonnie Holley is a self-taught Black artist from the American South known for his vernacular and contemporary art and his music. Lonnie Holley was born during the Jim Crow era on February 10, 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama. He was one of many...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Landscape Drawing Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Español abajo Create an abstract drawing of a nature scene near you. Will Henry Stevens, Abstract Mississippi River, 1942, Pastel on paper Will Henry Stevens was an artist from Indiana who lived in New Orleans for several years. He is known for his geometric abstraction and his en plein air paintings and geometric landscapes of...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Wooden Sculpture Inspired by John Barnes

Español abajo Create a sculptural piece that utilizes repetition and pattern. John Barnes is a sculptor who predominately creates wood assemblages. Barnes first took an interest in art when he enrolled in the Baton Rouge public school system, but his passion flourished while enrolled at Southern A&M University. Using wood found in his Algiers neighborhood,...
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Curated Conversation with Revelations Photographer, Lee Deigaard Part II Featuring Photographs from the Unbidden series

Select CC for closed captioning.  This is part two of a Curated Conversation with Lee Deigaard, a photographer featured in our current exhibition, Revelations: Recent Photography Acquisitions. This video features Deigaard speaking about photographs in her series, Unbidden. About Lee Deigaard Lee Deigaard grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated with honors from Yale University...
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Examining Red Headed Witness By Entwined Artist Sharon Kopriva

When the concepts for the exhibition, Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art, first starting coalescing in my mind, there were a few artists that I knew would be the backbone of the show conceptually – artists including Jeffrey Cook, Kristin Meyers and Sharon Kopriva. I had first encountered Sharon’s work in a New Orleans...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Sculpture Inspired by Jeffrey Cook

Español abajo Create a sculptural piece that has a special secret surprise within it. Jeffrey Cook was a New Orleans artist from the Central City neighborhood. He was known for his use of recycled and found objects in his sculptural works. Supplies Recycled Boxes, Paper, Tape, Scissors, Pencil, Markers Instructions   Step 1: Think about a...
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The O Brings Summer Camp to You! Assembling Ogden Museum Art Boxes for Fine Art FUNdamentals

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art Education team is determined to bring Summer Camp to you! Before Fine Art FUNdamentals camp begins, the Ogden Museum will deliver an Ogden Museum Art Box to each camper’s door that includes all of the supplies needed for the session. This week, the team has been busy assembling boxes for...
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Curated Conversation: Exploring the Work of Revelations Photographer, Lee Deigaard With Richard McCabe and Lee Deigaard

Ogden Museum continues Curated Conversations, our popular series of intimate talks, now online! Curated Conversations bring curators and artists together to discuss art, exchange ideas and explore exhibitions. Deepen your understanding of Ogden Museum exhibitions and get to know our curatorial team at the same time! This Curated Conversation features photographer and artist, Lee Deigaard,...
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Teen Art! Sharing Works of Art by Ogden Teens

Ogden Museum’s education team wanted to make sure teens were provided with an opportunity to connect with other teens outside of school hours, so they created the online program, Teen Art-Making, when the Museum temporarily closed its doors mid March. Museum Educator Mikhayla Harrell has loved seeing teens from various places come together in a...
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May Collection Highlight Exploring the Work of The Dot Man, George Andrews

On the surface, George Andrews (1911-1996) seemed to live a simple life, as far as artists are concerned. He was a family man, raising ten children, two of whom excelled following their passions of painting and writing.  Artistically,  he was known as the “Dot Man,” for his use of the simple shape both on the canvas...
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