Ogden Museum of Southern Art Update

New safety measures and timed tickets have been implemented at Ogden Museum. Everyone 2 and older must wear a mask while visiting the Museum, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Your mask should be worn at all times and cover both your mouth and nose. 

If you miss your visit window, don’t worry! Simply call 504.539.9650 or email info@ogdenmuseum.org to reschedule. Not sure what time you can visit? While online timed ticketing is recommended, you can also purchase your timed ticket on-site.


Ogden Museum of Southern Art first launched Louisiana Contemporary, Presented by The Helis Foundation in 2012, to establish a vehicle that would bring to the fore the work of artists living in Louisiana and highlight the dynamism of art practice throughout the state.

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Christian Dinh created Nail Salon with the intention to redirect stigma and celebrate Vietnamese-American identity by confronting racism, stereotypes and underrepresentation.

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Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition, presented by The Helis Foundation, is the South’s leading rotating public sculpture exhibition.

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Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body explores Ross’s inquiry into Hale County through photography and film, while also examining Ross’s broader formal and conceptual language – one that emphasizes his everyday experiences.

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