The Permanent Collection

Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Ogden Museum are currently installed on the third and fourth floor of Goldring Hall. Ranging from 19th century Bayou School landscapes to Vernacular Art, these exhibitions celebrate the depth and breadth of the Museum’s holdings. Read More

Collection Focus Mario Petrirena

Mario Petrirena was born in 1953 in Cuba. In 1962, when he was eight years old, Petrirena was sent to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan. He lived for months in a Colorado orphanage before his parents and other siblings arrived in the U.S. The traumatic experience of separation from his family and of being a political refugee – combined with the reality of his bifurcated identity as both Cuban and American – has informed much of his art practice. Read More

Piercing the Inner Wall: The Art of Dusti Bongé

The Ogden Museum is proud to present an exhibition of the works of American Abstract Expressionist artist, Dusti Bongé. This exhibition brings together works from throughout her career to tell the story of one woman’s fierce dedication to a creative life, culminating in a body of work that stands testament to her strong contribution to American Art after World War II. Read More

Courtney Egan Virtual Idylls

Courtney Egan is strongly inspired by the profusion of native and non-native flora in New Orleans, where she has lived and worked in since 1991. Her work is known to digitally manipulate the natural world, questioning how our perception of nature is augmented by technology. Read More

Family Portrait Jazz Fest at 50

The Jazz Fest poster is a longstanding and singular highlight of the annual celebration of music and culture in New Orleans. Launched in 1975 by Bud Brimberg, the poster provides great support for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Foundation and encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm for each year’s Festival. Read More

Margarita Cabrera Presented by The Center for Southern Craft & Design

The Center for Southern Craft and Design presents the multi-media sculptural work of Margarita Cabrera who lives and works in El Paso, Texas. Focusing on social-political community issues including cultural identity, migration, violence, inclusivity, labor and empowerment, Cabrera creates sculptures made out of mediums ranging from steel, copper, wood, ceramics and fabric. Read More