Southern Contemporary Selections from the Permanent Collection

Southern Contemporary is an exhibition that brings together thirteen works of art created in the past twenty years by artists working in the American South, encouraging a dynamic conversation between the excitement of recent acquisitions and the familiarity of permanent collection highlights. Emerging artistic expressions across a variety of mediums and techniques are included alongside artworks by mid-career and established artists. Read More about Southern Contemporary Selections from the Permanent Collection

Southern Abstraction Works from the Permanent Collection

From early innovators in oil to the contemporary vanguard of material exploration, this exhibition traces Southern abstract artists’ impact upon a critically important movement – widely considered to be America’s most significant contribution to art history. By including both 20th century and contemporary artists, academically trained and self-taught – this exhibition considers the legacy of Modernism in the American South. Read More about Southern Abstraction Works from the Permanent Collection


Southland examines the role photographs have played in the visualization of the natural landscape of the American South. The exhibition explores the many technical and aesthetic methods photographers have employed in approaching the subject of the Southern Landscape. Highlighting the marshlands in Louisiana, the beaches of Florida, the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta and the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, the exhibition shows the landscape of the American South is as diverse as the people and culture of the region. Southland not only investigates the topographical physical characteristics of the land of the American South, but the metaphysical and emotional role romanticism plays in the understanding of landscape photographs made of and about the American South. Read More about Southland

Tina Girouard: SIGN-IN

Organized by Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought and presented in partnership with Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Tina Girouard: SIGN-IN is the first comprehensive posthumous retrospective for the Louisiana-born artist, Tina Girouard, and showcases over forty years of the artist’s practice. Known as a collaborator in artist communities in New York, New York, Lafayette, Louisiana and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Girouard’s work tells an expansive story of American art. A vanguard artist in the fields of performance, film, textile, printmaking and community-based practices, Girouard’s animated work explores the different places she called home. Read More about Tina Girouard: SIGN-IN