O-riginal Art Activities: Learn How to Make a Print Inspired by Eriannah Jackson

Create a print inspired by the work of Eriannah Jackson!

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Luis Cruz Azaceta, Surge II (Hurricane Sandy), 2012, Ink markers on paper, 30 x 42 inches, Collection of the artist, Courtesy of Arthur Roger Gallery

A fundamental objective of Ogden Museum is to create programs that explore the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas that artists and viewers bring to the museum experience. To this end, the Education Department seeks to present a variety of perspectives and points of view to broaden and enrich our understanding of the world. Especially during these unprecedented times, Ogden Museum is proud to provide a platform for young students of color, such as Eriannah Jackson of Xavier University of Louisiana, to share their voices and offer commentary on the impactful times in which we all live. 


Paper, paint, styrofoam, and a paintbrush.


Step 1: Let’s think about what printmaking is! Looking at the artwork by Eriannah Jackson, how do you think you are going to make a print? How do you think you will use all of the supplies listed?

Step 2: The first thing you are going to do is think of a design. Do you want to print a rainbow, a dinosaur, or something else?

Step 3: Now, take your piece of styrofoam and your paintbrush, use the back of your paintbrush to start etching your design into the styrofoam. Make sure your lines are deep enough that you can feel them with your fingers!

Step 4: Once you are happy with the design on your styrofoam, pour a few drops of paint onto the styrofoam. Think about what color you want to use! Will you have just one color, or will you use many? Now, with your paintbrush, spread the paint out until it covers your design completely.

Step 5: Get your piece of paper ready! Press the painted side of the styrofoam onto the paper and hold it for a few seconds, then, remove the styrofoam from the paper.

Step 6: Congratulations! You just created a print! Do you notice something cool that happened to your design? It was reversed when you printed it! Can you figure out why your design is reversed?

Step 7: Add more details to your print. Wait until the paint drys and then use a different color and paint more details onto your design!

Step 8: Now that you have your print block and you know how to make prints, you can make as many as you want! Repeat the steps above and keep printing!

Step 9: Show all of your friends and family the new art technique you learned!


Printmaking– Transferring a design from an object onto paper.

Design– Shapes and lines used to create a drawing.

Etching– Creating a design by applying force to an object and carving out space.

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