Ogden Museum Virtual Studio Art Classroom presents a multi-day, interactive arts experience for students in traditional classrooms or virtual settings. During this innovative program, students will take a deep dive into Southern art, artists, art-making techniques and themes, inspired and informed by works of art on view at the Ogden Museum.


At the start of each Virtual Art Studio Classroom experience, a Museum Educator will lead the class on a Museum tour, exploring several works currently on exhibition, with the goal of increasing arts literacy and introducing new art-making techniques.


Through guided discussions, students will build vocabulary, critical thinking and interpretation skills. Art vocabulary can be presented in both English and French for bilingual students.


After close observation and discussion of the works, students will create their own art during a workshop led by a Museum Teaching Artist. All materials and supplies are included in the cost of the program and can be delivered to a specified location.


The multi-day program can be configured as:

  •  an ongoing, weekly program taking place over a number of weeks


  •  a concentrated engagement taking place over the course of one week or just a few days.

Each Studio Classroom is approximately 2 hours long: 

  • 45 minutes: tour and exploration of works of art
  • 75 minutes: in-depth artmaking workshop 

For information, contact education@ogdenmuseum.org or 504.539.9608.