We are excited to now offer Virtual Field Trips!  During this interactive program, an Ogden Museum Educator will lead a participatory exploration of 4-5 artworks from the Museum’s collection. Currently four thematic tours are offered. We may be able to highlight certain themes and topics within these pre-designed tours, with at least 2 weeks advance notice.

PLUS: Teachers – When you book a Virtual Field Trip, you get a FREE membership to Ogden Museum!

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  • Orleans and Jefferson Parish public and charter school groups and NORD Summer Camp groups: FREE!  Thanks to a generous gift from the Helis Foundation
  • All other school, homeschool, and summer camp groups: $50
  • Includes a 30-45 minute live, interactive presentation with a museum educator for one classroom or camp group

School and Summer Camp Group Fees

  • All prices listed are per visit for one class or camp group
  • For up to twenty-five students or campers and five adult chaperones
  • Tours are offered Monday-Friday

Group Size and Chaperones

School, homeschool and camp groups must have an adult chaperone in the virtual session at all times. We recommend having a second teacher/chaperone in the classroom for the Matthew’s Dream tour, or for any art activity that is booked.


  • In-person classrooms (using school-approved virtual meeting interface, moderated by teacher)


  • Distance learning classrooms (with teacher as co-host)

Post-Tour Option: Add-on a guided post tour art activity for $3 per student. 

After the presentation, a Museum Educator will guide students to create an original work of art inspired by what they have seen and discussed. (Price includes the Ogden Art Box, containing all materials needed for project, only available for in-person classrooms)


Exploring Southern Art (grades 2-12): This tour highlights our favorites from Ogden’s Permanent Collection. Students will look closely at the work of Southern artists such as:

  • Elemore Morgan, Jr.
  • Clementine Hunter
  • Benny Andrews
  • Thornton Dial

Students will explore concepts such as:

  • landscapes
  • memory paintings
  • portraits
  • self-taught
  • abstract art

Southern Art and Social Justice (grades 3-12): Many artists respond to the events in the world and this tour will highlight the relationship between art and social justice. Numerous artworks in Ogden’s collection serve as a starting point to discuss social justice issues, such as:

  • African American life at turn of 20th century
  • The Jim Crow Era
  • The importance of education
  • Civil Rights Era photography
  • The impact of incarceration

The Art of Walter Anderson: Marshland Flora and Fauna, a two-part collaborative tour with the Pontchartrain Conservancy (grades 4-12)

Part 1 Ogden Museum Tour: Explore watercolors images of animals and plants created by the artist Walter Anderson, who spent many hours observing, sketching and painting the natural world, Students will create their own sketchbook and practice drawing skills.

Part 2 Pontchartrain Conservancy Virtual Hike: Science educators will lead a video-taped trip to the marsh, allowing students to draw plants and animals from direct observation and create their own field guide. Issues of coastal land loss and the importance of ecosystems will be discussed.

Matthew’s Dream: A Museum Introduction (grades Pre-K -2): We bring the Museum to our first-time/youngest visitors!  Framed around the book Matthew’s Dream by Leo Lionni, students will follow Matthew on his first visit to an art museum, connecting images from the Ogden Museum to the types of art Matthew sees on his visit (portrait, landscape, abstract and still-life). Students will participate in hands-on activities in the classroom, inspired by the Ogden artworks and guided by the museum educator, using paper, color markers and dramatic play.

For any general questions, email education@ogdenmuseum.org. In your email, please include the grade level, number of students, best days/times for the tour and your school or camp’s virtual meeting platform (i.e. zoom, google).

To request a tour, fill out a Virtual Tour Request Form and a Museum Educator will get back to you shortly. 

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