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The contemporary Southern artists in Entwined engage wrapping and binding as a symbolic aesthetic device, and often as a ritual practice within their work. 
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Revelations features photographs acquired for the Ogden Museum’s permanent collection since 2011.
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Peer into Melvin Edwards’ world of twisting, sinuous metal and you will find a place of possibility, an environment where found objects expand—both formally and conceptually—beyond the boundaries of their given form.
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Presenting works that use abstraction as a powerful modality of expression. Each of the artists in the exhibition project their own voice to convey their individual visions.
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O-riginal Art Activities: Recycled Paper Sculpture Inspired by Ed Williford

Español abajo Recycle everyday materials such as a brown paper bag to create a sculpture inspired by Ed Williford. Ed Williford lives and works in Magnolia, Mississippi. He is known for his use of materials. In his sculpture, he often incorporates materials that can be found at a hardware store. Supplies Paper Bag or Brown...
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Teen Art! Sharing Works of Art by Ogden Teens

Ogden Museum’s education team wanted to make sure teens were provided with an opportunity to connect with other teens outside of school hours, so they created the online program, Teen Art-Making, when the Museum temporarily closed its doors mid March. Museum Educator Mikhayla Harrell has loved seeing teens from various places come together in a...
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May Collection Highlight Exploring the Work of The Dot Man, George Andrews

On the surface, George Andrews (1911-1996) seemed to live a simple life, as far as artists are concerned. He was a family man, raising ten children, two of whom excelled following their passions of painting and writing.  Artistically,  he was known as the “Dot Man,” for his use of the simple shape both on the canvas...
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Ogden Museum Online Lessons For the Classroom: Angola | Melvin Edwards 5-12 Grades

Español abajo.  This activity introduces students to a dynamic living African American artist who uses found objects and traditional blacksmithing techniques to create high and low relief sculptures. Students will learn about the significance of the artist’s travels to Africa and how his time living and working there has influenced his artwork. Students will create...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Chain Installation Inspired by Melvin Edwards

Español abajo Create a chain installation symbolizing strength. Melvin Edwards is known for his dense, metal assemblages that honor the connection between African and African American art. Edward’s great-great-great grandfather was a West African blacksmith and the African continent has, in his words, “always been there for me in one way or another.” Blacksmithing is...
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Ogden Museum Online Lessons For the Classroom: San Romano, Monticello, Brick II | Robert Reed Grades 2-5

Español abajo Students will use masking tape and paint to create a two-dimensional, geometric abstract painting inspired by Robert Reed’s, San Romano, Monticello, Brick. Students will compare and contrast Reed’s painting to that of the Renaissance painting The Battle of San Romano, by Paolo Ucello. Students will use these two works as they develop their...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Teacher Appreciation Week

Español abajo Send your teacher a message of gratitude this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. Supplies Paper, Pencil, Markers Instructions   Step 1: Show your appreciation for your teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. In this time of social distancing, send a virtual hug, high five or emoji. Step 2: Decide what image you want to draw....
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Curated Conversation: Discussing Southern Photography With Richard McCabe and L. Kasimu Harris

Ogden Museum continues Curated Conversations, our popular series of intimate talks, now online! Curated Conversations bring curators and artists together to discuss art, exchange ideas and explore exhibitions. Deepen your understanding of Ogden Museum exhibitions and get to know our curatorial team at the same time! This Curated Conversation is a discussion on art and...
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Ogden Museum Online Lessons For the Classroom: Interior with Cat | Benny Andrews Grades 2-5

Español abajo Students will create a still life set-up in their home with a few favorite objects. They will then create a rough sketch of the still life and fill in the drawing with collage. Students will learn about arranging objects in space, drawing large shapes, cutting out fabric and paper materials and gluing scraps...
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Ogden Kids Art Break Inspired by Artist Minnie Evans

Select CC for closed captioning. Experience the art of the American South with the O from home! Every other Thursday at 2 p.m., visit the O Blog for a pre-recorded “Ogden Kids Art Break” inspired by a work of Southern art. Use everyday household items to create your own masterpiece! This online video series is...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Wrapped Sculpture Inspired by Sharon Kopriva

Español abajo Explore texture and wrapping in this O-riginal Art Activity inspired by Sharon Kopriva. Sharon Kopriva, a Texas native, who currently works in Houston, Texas and Hope, Idaho. Sharon combines two-and three dimensional media with fusions of papier-mâché and found objects. Her career has taken her through investigations of pre-Colombian cultures in Peru, examinations...
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Wilbert Tillman, Preservation Hall

April Collection Highlight Exploring the Work of Noel Rockmore

On December 15, 1928, Noel Rockmore was born into a world of art. Born from two prolific artists, Gladys Rockmore Davis and Floyd Davis, Noel was a child drawn to musical performance. An early case of polio crippled him, so the young boy learned to paint. From that point on he painted. He attended the...
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Ogden Museum Online Lessons For the Classroom: Flowing River | Clementine Hunter

Español abajo Students will create an elongated painting or drawing of a river and outdoor scenes from their lives that are fond memories or bring them joy. Students will practice making artistic choices relating to orientation of the image, color choices for the background and foreground, learning and using stacked perspective and incorporating narratives into...
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O-riginal Art Activities: Symmetrical Dream Drawing Inspired by Minnie Evans

Español abajo Illustrate your dreams as Minnie Evans has done. Minnie Evans was a visionary artist – her ideas came to her in her dreams. She also drew inspiration from the gardens where she worked. A number of her works feature a symmetrical face surrounded by flora and fauna. Many cultures believe dreams connect us...
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Curated Conversation: Discussing “Entwined” and the Work of Susan Jamison With Bradley Sumrall and Susan Jamison

Ogden Museum continues Curated Conversations, our popular series of intimate talks, now online! Curated Conversations bring curators and artists together to discuss art, exchange ideas and explore exhibitions. Deepen your understanding of Ogden Museum exhibitions and get to know our curatorial team at the same time! This first talk features Curator of the Collection, Bradley...
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Celebrating Earth Day Highlighting Mark Messersmith's "Victim of Silence"

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re examining Mark Messersmith’s piece Victim of Silence, a representation of the natural world. When Mark Messersmith first moved to Tallahassee, Florida in the mid 1980s, he was immediately struck by the wildness of the surrounding landscape, a wildness gone from much of America. His studio practice immediately turned to an exploration in...
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