Collection Focus Mario Petrirena

Mario Petrirena was born in 1953 in Cuba. In 1962, when he was eight years old, Petrirena was sent to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan. He lived for months in a Colorado orphanage before his parents and other siblings arrived in the U.S. The traumatic experience of separation from his family and of being a political refugee – combined with the reality of his bifurcated identity as both Cuban and American – has informed much of his art practice. Read More about Collection Focus Mario Petrirena

Family Portrait Jazz Fest at 50

The Jazz Fest poster is a longstanding and singular highlight of the annual celebration of music and culture in New Orleans. Launched in 1975 by Bud Brimberg, the poster provides great support for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Foundation and encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm for each year’s Festival. Read More about Family Portrait Jazz Fest at 50