Maude Schuyler Clay: Mississippi History

Maude Schuyler Clay’s expressive, allegorical portraits of her friends, family and other Mississippians, as well as her artful approach to capturing the essence of light, are the driving forces behind her recollection of moments of family life in Mississippi in the 1980s and 90s. Read More


Ranging from historic drawings to contemporary papier-mâché, /’pāpər/ will showcase the diversity and depth of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s collection of paper works. Read More

Arthur Kern: The Surreal World of a Reclusive Sculptor

Arthur Kern is a retired Tulane professor of art, who all but withdrew from the outside world thirty years ago. Since then, he has spent much of his time working in his basement studio, creating scores of surreal sculptures that disturb as often as they enchant. Read More

Bright Fields: the Mastery of Marie Hull

Bright Fields is a comprehensive and deeply intimate exploration of the life and work of Mississippi-born artist Marie Hull (1890–1980). Her paintings reflect a nine-decade journey of search, thought, and growth. Read More