Upcoming Exhibition: Profligate Beauty: Selections from the Collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

November 19, 2016 – September, 2017 This exhibition brings together some of the most important works from the museum’s permanent collection in its ongoing effort to tell the story of the South. Inspired by the lush landscape, diverse culture and complicated history of the region, this exhibition celebrates the creative spirit of the artists in… Read More


June 11, 2016 – November 6, 2016 Opening reception: Thursday, June 16, 2016 during OAH Paper: A substance composed of fibres interlaced into a compact web, made (usually in the form of a thin flexible sheet, most commonly white) from various fibrous materials, as linen and cotton rags, straw, wood, certain grasses, etc., which are… Read More

Art of the Cup and Teapot Spotlight

September 1, 2016 – December 6, 2016 Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15 during Ogden After Hours The Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Center for Southern Craft & Design presents the 9th annual invitational exhibition, Art of the Cup, opening September 1, 2016.  Established in 2008 to celebrate form and function, this exhibition continues to highlight the aesthetic and design freedom that the ceramic medium offers to enhance everyday routine. Traditionally, Art of the Cup has featured… Read More

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