O-riginal Art Activities: Housing Native Bees Inspired by Shawn Hall

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity explored the ways in which you can help native bees thrive. Learn the importance of protecting and nurturing native bee species through the exhibition What are Native Bees, Y’all? 

Do your part! Construct a habitat for native bees and other beneficial insects.

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Shawn Hall, Bees, 2009, Oil on canvas

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, Shawn Hall has lived and worked in New Orleans since 1997. She conducts fieldwork alongside her painting: documenting and researching the natural environment around her. She is an advocate for bee’s protection and raises awareness about environmental issues through her work.

Supplies List:

Straws, Scrap Paper or Fabric, Card stock, Fake Flowers, Scissors, Hole-puncher, Ruler, Glue, Yarn


Step 1: If you were a bug, what kind of house would you live in? Think about how you want to decorate your bug house.

Step 2: Pick out 4 templates with designs you like. Use markers to color your house. Use a glue stick to glue insect images to your bug house. Remember to only decorate the back and 2 sides of each box.

Step 3: Use scissors to cut along the lines on the template. Be sure to cut out the pattern on the top of the box. Use a hole puncher to make holes to hang the house later. Use a ruler to help you fold along the dotted lines.

Step 4: Use a glue stick to glue your box together along the tabs, but leave the top open. Glue or tape all 4 boxes together. Cut and tie a piece of yarn through the holes for hanging.

Step 5: Fill your bug house with flowers, paper scraps and straws. Be sure to make your house snug and cozy for the bugs.

Step 6: Close the top to your house. Hang it somewhere outside that is covered.

Step 7: Think about bees: Why do you think native bees are important? How can we help protect these diverse and important insects?