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Ogden After Hours O-riginal Art Activities Housing Native Bees Inspired by Shawn Hall

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity at Ogden After Hours explored the ways in which you can help native bees thrive. Learn the importance of protecting and nurturing native bee species through the exhibition What are Native Bees, Y’all?  Do your part! Construct a habitat for native bees and other beneficial insects. Born in Ann Arbor,…

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A Conversation with the Curator of “The Whole Drum Will Sound,” Bradley Sumrall Sumrall Talks About Abstraction, the Collection, Theme and Process

Curator Bradley Sumrall answers questions about The Whole Drum Will Sound: Women in Southern Abstraction, on view now at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. What inspired you to create The Whole Drum Will Sound? The Whole Drum Will Sound came out of a familiarity with the Ogden’s Permanent Collection. I’ve been working with the…

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