O-riginal Art Activities: Representing Native Bees Inspired by Shawn Hall

The O-riginal Art Activity takes a detailed look into the lives of bees. Learn the difference between a honey bee and a native bee by exploring the exhibition What are Native Bees, Y’all? 

Draw a native bee with all of its physical attributes.

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Shawn Hall, Bees, 2009, Oil on canvas

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, Shawn Hall has lived and worked in New Orleans since 1997. She conducts fieldwork alongside her painting: documenting and researching the natural environment around her. She is an advocate for bee’s protection and raises awareness about environmental issues through her work.

Supplies List:

Pencils, Colored pencils, Markers, Cardstock


Step 1: Read the description of a bee and reference the drawings in the gallery.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw a sketch of your bee. Try to keep in mind the proportions of a native bee.

Step 3: Use colored pencils and markers to draw your finished piece. You can refer to your sketch.

Step 4: Think about bees: Why do you think native bees are important? How can we help protect these diverse and important insects?

Native Bees’ Attributes:

  • Native bees use their tongues to eat nectar from the flower. Their tongues can be different lengths.
  • Bees come in many different colors.
  • All bees have 3 main body parts:

-The head (small)

-The thorax (medium)

-The abdomen (large)

  • They have 4 wings, 6 legs, 2 antennas, 2 compound eyes and a tongue.