O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Sculpture House Inspired by William Christenberry

One component of Willliam Christenberry’s work is his architectural structures that often accompany  the photographs of the same building taken over a period of time. In this O-riginal Art Activity recreate one of these sculptures.

Construct Christenberry’s iconic Ghost Form.

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Perhaps no other artist in the American South engaged more deeply and consistently with the concepts of time, place and memory through their work than William Christenberry. Although widely known as a pioneering master of color photography as an art form, Christenberry was a multifaceted artist – utilizing painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, found object assemblage, and installations to weave a deeply personal narrative with universal relevance.

Supplies List:

Cardstock, Scissors, Glue sticks, Tape 


Step 1: Christenberry often incorporates signage into his work. What signs or symbols remind you of home?

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out some signs. Use a glue stick to glue them to the house.

Step 3: Use scissors to cut out the pieces of the house. Fold on the dotted lines. Fold the roof in half.

Step 4: Use tape to assemble the house.