O-riginal Art Activities: Valentine’s Day Card

In this O-riginal Art Activity create a special handmade Valentine’s Day card for a loved one.

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Valentine’s Day is a day for spreading love with the people whom you cherish and care about. Valentine’s Day is a day to send out greeting cards and candy grams to those you love.


Color paper (or if possible design paper), markers, scissors, glue.


Step 1: Grab your supplies and find a clear workspace to complete your artwork. With the help of a parent or guardian, use scissors to cut out hearts of any color paper you choose. You can have multiple color hearts and a variety of sizes. Think about how you will arrange the hearts to design the front of the card. 

Step 2: What color do you want the card to be? Pick out the color you want, fold the paper three times evenly, vertically. After folding the paper, unfold it. Use scissors to cut a diagonal line across the folds, starting from the top right corner of the paper going down to the bottom left corner. 

Step 3: At the top of the card where you just cut, start to glue down the different sized hearts at the top of the paper. Arrange them in any form you would like. Continue gluing hearts along the top of the card, following the diagonal cut. 

Step 4: Grab your makers and write a heartfelt message to your special loved one on the inside of the card. After writing the message, at the very bottom put the word love with a comma and your name. (ex. Love, Kadeshia.) to sign your hard work.

Step 5: Share your card with that special someone! Happy Valentine’s Day!