Taking a Look at “Jacob’s Ladder Joy and Pain” by Kevin Cole A Piece Inspired by Voting History

Made with neckties and wood, Jacob’s Ladder Joy and Pain by Kevin Cole is an intensely powerful work that the artist created after a poignant conversation with his grandfather about the importance of participating in the election process. ⁣

When Cole turned 18, he told his grandfather that he didn’t see the point in registering to vote. His grandfather responded by taking him to a specific tree, where at one point in history, African American men had been lynched by their neckties on their way to the polls.⁣

“My grandfather tried to instill in me the reason we should vote,” Cole said. “The experience left a profound impression in my mind.”⁣

When you go to the polls on this election day, remember that your vote is your voice and your conversations will impact generations of voters to come.⁣

Image: Kevin Cole, Jacob’s Ladder Joy and Pain, 2002, Mixed media on wood, Gift of Yolanda and Greg Head⁣