Ryan Sartin


Raised in the Midwest, Ryan Sartin is a conceptual abstract painter with emphasis on materials such as fabric, plastics, gold leaf, mud, and ash. A former touring drummer, Sartin finds inspiration in places visited and the various cultural values and meanings placed on objects and spaces. For years he was involved in the DIY art and music scene of Brooklyn, staging several multidisciplinary art spectacles. Combining familiar materials of the home such as upholstery, wallpaper, and bedding, his work merges interests of the everyday with themes of phenomenon found within ceremonies, decoration, and sacred objects. His process at times involves patterning, cutting, repairing, masking, and making a mess. Drawn to the mysterious paradise of New Orleans, he has found further inspiration surrounded by the beautiful decay of architecture and nature in this supernatural place. Sartin receivedĀ his BFA from Hunter College and has exhibited paintings and installations in various galleries and spaces around New York City, New Orleans, and California.