Ogden Museum Virtual Wellness Summit

Thanks for joining us for our first Virtual Wellness Summit! If you missed it, don’t worry. Register for free to watch the pre-recorded sessions.

Virtual Wellness Summit, offering seven learning sessions designed to soothe and uplift our community. Join us for a day of art and mindfulness programming for adults and explore the connections between art and healing. Plus, discover how the brain reacts and changes when looking at and making art, gain new techniques to enhance self-care and interact with powerful works of art. 

Sessions can be viewed at your own schedule and pace, however we recommend starting with the introduction and opening meditation to help you navigate through the rest of the offerings. While we look forward to presenting an in-person Wellness Summit in the future, we are grateful to be able to offer this online experience to sustain the community and look forward to more in-person wellness events in the future. 

While registration is free, please consider a donation to Ogden Museum supporting this program and future educational community programming.

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Program Schedule

Introduction: Welcome

Join Ellen Balkin, Ogden Museum Director of Education, and Mikhayla Harrell, Museum Educator, for a warm welcome and brief overview of the event and learn how wellness practices are connected to works currently on view in the exhibition, Entwined Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art. Plus, hear about the many connections linking art, meditation and increased brain function – all supported by scientific research and artistic inquiry. The session will also provide the tools needed to seamlessly navigate through this soothing and informative Wellness Summit. 

Session 1: Center

Begin the Wellness Summit with a guided meditation led by meditation instructor, Harpinder Mann, inspired by the work of Sonya Yong James. 

Suggested supplies: A quiet space for reflection

Session 2: Move (60 minutes)

Join Mikhayla Harrell for  a yoga class – for all levels –  aimed at providing relief from stress and anxiety, while also challenging you to break a sweat. For additional inspiration, this session is set among the art of Kristin Meyers on view in Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art.

Suggested supplies: A quiet space, yoga mat and water 

Session 3: Listen (45 minutes)

Listen to a lively conversation on the healing and spiritual power of art led by Bradley Sumrall, Ogden Museum Curator of the Collection, along with three artists from Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art.

No supplies needed

Session 4: Experience (45 minutes)

Join the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Quartet and Music Therapist, Caitlin Preston Fulton, for a calming experience integrating art, music and music therapy techniques exploring the art of Susan Plum, on view in Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art

No supplies needed

Session 5: Explore and Create – The Strength Scepter (45 minutes)

Discover the healing power of art during this art-making workshop and talk led by Whole Village Art Therapy Director, Holly Wherry.

Participants will focus on the process and reflective qualities of artmaking without self judgment. The strength scepter is an individualized project that each participant creates to reflect and amplify the positive core of their identity using everyday materials and simple wrapping and attachment techniques. This project is inspired by the work of Ed Williford and connects to his intuitive practice and self-examination through wrapping and binding and repurposing of everyday objects.  

Suggested materials:

  • 1 stick or similar object like a dowel rod or tube, minimum 8″ in length
  • various ribbons, pieces of yarn, wire, strips of cloth, etc.
  • several decorative objects or household items such as beads, old jewelry, nuts, buttons, feathers, fake and real flowers, pipe cleaners, twist ties, old decor, jingle bells, foam shapes, tin foil, collage materials, etc.
  • piece of paper (any type of paper)
  • writing tool
  • scissor or cutting tool
  • optional – hole punch  

Session 6: Learn (30 minutes)

Hear about methods to support, balance and enhance your nutrition and wellness during the pandemic with Registered Dietician, Jessica Blanchard. 

No supplies needed

Session 7: Integrate (45 minutes)

End the day with a closing meditation led by Tulane professor, Hans Greunig, inspired by the work of Sharon Kopriva on view in Entwined: Ritual Wrapping and Binding in Contemporary Southern Art

Suggested supplies: A quiet space for reflection


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