O-riginal Art Activities: Symmetry in Portraiture Inspired by Jared Soares

This week’s O-riginal Art Activity explores identity in America through portraiture. Experiment with symmetry and complete the portrait.

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Jared Soares, Quille, 2017, Archival pigment print, Courtesy of the artist

Jared Soares photographs community and identity in America. In his portrait series he explores the lives of hip hop artists trying to make it big while living in a small town. When not making photographs, Soares can be found playing pick-up soccer games or walking his pet terrier at home in Washington, DC.

Supplies List:

Pencils, Ruler, Color Pencils, Eraser, Markers


Step 1: Pick your favorite portrait from the templates.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw the other side of the portrait. Think about the symmetry of the image when drawing. You can use a ruler to help guide you.

Step 3: Use color pencils or/and markers to color in your drawing. Think about the light and dark areas of your image when coloring.