O-riginal Art Activities: Duck Blind Hats Inspired by Newton Howard

This week’s O-riginal Art Activity brings Newton Howard’s paintings to life. Explore the sportsman’s paradise and make your own duck blind hat.

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Newton Howard, Untitled, 1981, Oil on canvas, Collection of Anne Strachan

Newton Howard was a New Orleans painter known for his serene landscapes of the marshes and bayous of South Louisiana. Howard was an avid duck hunter, fisherman and conservationist.

Supplies List:

Colored pencils, Markers, Glue, Scissors, Stapler/Staples, Construction paper


Step 1: Use colored pencils or markers to color two duck templates (make sure they are a mirror image of each other).

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out the ducks. Use a stapler to staple the two ducks together. Leave the bottom part of the duck open.

Step 3: Make the hat using two sheets of construction paper of the same color. Fold them in half horizontally then staple the two sheets together into a long strip. Adjust the strip to fit the size of your head.

Step 4: Decorate your hat like a duck blind. Use markers to draw grass or cut out plant shapes from a different color sheet of construction paper.

Step 5: Place the duck on the top of your hat. Use the stapler to secure it by stapling it on each side.