O-riginal Art Activities: Paper House Inspired by Jeffrey Cook

The most recent O-riginal Art Activity pay tribute to Jeffrey Cook. Inspired by his use of recycled materials, this activity utilizes paper to construct a sculpture.

Explore the meaning of home and create your paper house.

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Jeffrey Cook, Makin’ of a Melody, 2002, Mixed media, Gift of the Artist

Jeffrey Cook was a New Orleans artist from Central City. He was known for his use of found objects and readily available materials in his sculptural work.

Supplies List:

Cardboard, Masking Tape, Glue sticks, Cardstock, Markers


Step 1: What does home mean to you? Think about what words or colors represent home to you.

Step 2: Pick out a sheet and two square pieces of the colors that you want.

Step 3: Use a glue stick to glue one square piece in the middle of the sheet. Use scissors to cut the other square into a triangle. Glue the triangle on top of the square.

Step 4: Decorate your house and two strips of cardboard with paper and words that remind you of home.

Step 5: Use masking tape to tape the cardboard pieces to outline your house.