O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Drawing Inspired by Willie White

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity explored abstract art through Willie White’s colorful drawings.

Create an abstract drawing using color, line and shape.

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Willie White was born in 1910 in Natchez, Mississippi to a farming couple. He later moved to New Orleans where he worked as a waiter. Inspired by the artists in the French Quarter, he began to create paintings using house paint. His imagery was influenced by his dreams and television. White eventually created his own visual vocabulary incorporating such things as horses, dinosaurs, watermelons, rocket ships and planets. In the 1960’s he began using felt markers and white poster board in his work.

Supplies List:

Cardstock, Markers


Step 1: Think about what shapes you want to draw and what colors you want to use.

Step 2: Use a marker to draw shapes and lines on the paper.

Step 3: Fill in the shapes with color.

Step 4: Be sure to fill in the whole page as White has done.