O-riginal Art Activities: Geometric Collage Inspired by George Andrews

This O-riginal Art Activity takes a look at George Andrews’ signature style.

Use geometric shapes and dots to create your own dot artwork.

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Scramble Art

George Andrews, Scramble Art, 1 989, Oil and collage, Gift of the Benny Andrews Foundation

George Andrews was the patriarch of a highly creative family of artists and writers, who were deeply rooted in rural Georgia. Adorning rocks, furniture, women’s shoes and “anything that did not move,” with bold, colorful dots, he became known as “The Dot Man”.

Supplies List:

Color paper, Glue sticks, Markers, Scissors, White Card stock


Step 1: Draw triangle shapes using a ruler and a pencil.

Step 2: Cut out the triangles with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Arrange the triangles on the white background paper.

Step 4: When you decide on a placement, glue the triangles using a glue stick.

Step 5: Use markers to draw dots and geometrical shapes to fill up the paper as George has done.