O-riginal Art Activities: Abstract Collage Inspired by Dusti Bongé

The O-riginal Art Activity pays homage to one of the South’s prominent abstract expressionists Dusti Bongé.

Use collage to create an abstract piece.

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Dusti Bongé, Infinity, 1980, Oil on Masonite, Collection of Bill Goldring

Dusti Bongé created a body of work that moved from figurative and Cubist depictions of her Mississippi home in the 1930s, through a period of Surrealism and into an Abstract Expressionist style that defined her mature work. Through paintings, drawings and sculptures, Piercing the Inner Wall (on the 4th floor) traces Bongé’s growth, both artistically and spiritually.

Supplies List:

Color Cardstock, Scissors, White Cardstock, Glue sticks, Pencil


Step 1: Think about what shapes and colors you want in your piece. Use a pencil to sketch the lay out of the shapes.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out geometrical shapes from the color paper. Notice how the pink squares in the painting are different sizes. The larger ones look closer and the smaller ones look farther away.

Step 3: Take some time to think about the composition and arrange the shapes on the white paper. Use a glue stick to glue the shapes to the background.

Step 4: Add shapes until the whole sheet is covered. Layer the shapes to create depth in your piece by placing one shape on top of another.