O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Sculpture Bouquet Inspired by Courtney Egan

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity explored the flora of the South inspired by Courtney Egan’s video projections.

Create a flora inspired pop-up bouquet.

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Courtney Egan, Cluster, 2015, HD video projection

The art of Courtney Egan intersects digital and video technology with nature. In the studio, she photographs with a digital camera, native and invasive plant species found throughout in the American South. Her process of intervention into the natural world via digital editing is a metaphor for humankind’s attempts to control and manipulate nature.

Supplies List:

Color Cardstock, Color or Copy Paper, Scissors, Glue sticks, Markers


Step 1: Pick your favorite color from the cardstock for the background.

Step 2: Pick another color (or colors) from the color paper for your flowers. Use two sheets.

Step 3: Fold the paper to make a square. Use scissors to cut off the remaining edge. Fold the square in half. Fold it again vertically. Unfold the paper, cut out the four squares. Repeat with the next piece of paper.

Step 4: Fold seven of the square pieces of paper into a triangle. To make a triangle from the square paper; fold the square in half then fold it in half again vertically, then fold it a third time in half diagonally. Use scissors to cut the shape of the petal at the open tip of the triangle. Unfold the flowers. Cut out one petal from each flower.

Step 5: Use a glue stick to glue each flower together. Once all flowers are whole, glue six of the flowers to each other side by side. Next, glue the seventh flower on the top of the others, finishing the bouquet. Glue the bouquet in the middle of the background paper.

Step 6: Use markers to decorate your card and write a message to a loved one.