O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Collage Inspired by Clementine Hunter

The O-riginal Art Activity looked at Clementine Hunter’s mixed media work that incorporated photography and painting.

Use mixed media to create your own memory art inspired by Clementine Hunter.

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Clementine Hunter, Plantation, Painting and Photo of Melrose Plantation, 1981

Clementine Hunter was a Louisiana based artist who did not venture too far outside of Natchitoches, Louisiana during her life. She is regarded as one of the most famous female artists to come from Louisiana and as one of the most important self-taught artists.

Hunter did not start painting until she was in her 50s. Her bright and colorful work often depicted everyday life in Melrose Plantation. She drew her inspiration from experiences and memories. In this work of art, Hunter combines a photo of a place she knows well with paint.

Supplies List:

Paper, Crayons, Scissors, Glue, and Photos


Step 1: Choose from the pile of black and white images of New Orleans and cut one of them out.

Step 2: After cutting out your image, take a glue stick and glue your image on to a piece of paper.

Step 3: Get creative and use lots of color! Draw around the photograph with the crayons. You can draw flowers with your favorite colors, draw yourself, or continue drawing the scene where you think the photo cuts off. Like Hunter, draw from your experiences and memories.

Step 3: Don’t forget to add your signature in the bottom right corner. Clementine Hunter just wrote her initials, C & H.