O-riginal Art Activities: Zodiac Drawing Inspired by Philo Levi "Chief" Wiley

This O-riginal Art Activity takes a look at Philo Levi “Chief” Wiley’s painting, Gemini Twins.

Create a drawing inspired by your zodiac sign.

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Philo Levi “Chief” Wiley, “Gemini Twins”, 1974, acrylic on masonite, Gift of Roger H Ogden Collection

Philo Levi “Chief” Wiley was a self-taught, painter born in Connecticut. He moved to New Orleans and worked as chief of security for the Sewerage and Water Board. After retiring, he began making paintings and selling them in Jackson Square. His work has been displayed in several folk-art exhibitions.

Supplies List:

Markers, Cardstock, Pencils


Step 1: Use a dark colored marker to write the name of your zodiac sign at the top of the page. Draw your zodiac underneath the name.

Step 2: Use another marker to draw a shape around your zodiac. Use the same marker to draw additional shapes around the larger shape.

Step 3: Draw a horizon line across the page. Choose two different color markers. Use those colors to fill in the background, creating a sky and ground.