O-riginal Art Activities: Self Portrait Inspired by Dusti Bongé

The latest O-riginal Art Activity explores self portraiture from a different angle.

Create your own up-close self portrait. In this painting, Bongé paints her own feet. While the background is abstracted and full of vibrant colors, she depicts her own feet in the foreground.

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Dusti Bongé, Self Portrait (The Artist’s feet), Oil on Canvas, 1940

Dusti Bongé is regarded as one of the first Mississippi artist’s to work consistently in a modernist style. Throughout her art career, she explored Cubism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism.

Supplies List:

Cardstock, Crayons


Step 1: Choose a body part as your subject for the painting. It can be your hand, foot, arm, etc.

Step 2: Start by drawing the outline of that body part with a crayon. It doesn’t have to be super realistic. In the painting, Bongé’s feet are simple and have little detail. Fill in your body part with a color of your choosing.

Step 3: Get creative with the background and use lots of color! Try to portray your environment in an abstract way with bold shapes and colors.