O-riginal Art Activities: Seascape Collage Inspired by Will Henry Stevens

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity takes a look at Will Henry Stevens’ work.

Create a collage inspired by Will Henry Stevens’ painting.

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Will Henry Stevens, Untitled, ND, Mixed media on paper, Gift of Janet Stevens McDowell


Will Henry Stevens was born in Vevay, Indiana. Stevens work focused heavily on nature. His unique abstract depictions of nature received accolades within the New Orleans art scene. Stevens was regarded as a pioneer of modernism in Southern art.

Supplies List:

Crayons, Cardstock, Scissors, Glue stick


Step 1: Take a sheet of light blue and dark blue cardstock. Use crayons to color an underwater scene on each sheet of cardstock.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out two large shapes from the dark blue cardstock. Next glue the dark blue cardstock on top of the light blue paper.

Step 3: Take another sheet of light blue paper. Use crayons to draw sea creatures and aquatic plants to fill your seascape.

Step 4: Use scissors to cut out the drawings. Next arrange and glue them in your seascape.