O-riginal Art Activities: Wrapped Sculpture Inspired by Kristin Meyers

Explore ritual in this O-riginal Art Activity.

Create a wrapped sculpture using found objects and recycled materials.

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Kristin Meyers, He Dances, Mixed media, 2018, Collection of the artist

Kristin Meyers’ work engages in ritual practice to explore the human condition and create collective connections.

Supplies List:

Masking Tape, Yarn, Found Objects, Tissue Paper, Duct Tape, Magazines


Step 1: Think about what your sculpture will look like. Is it an abstract form, a figure or something else from life? Think about what colors you want your form to have. What feeling does each color evoke?

Step 2: Crumple up magazine sheets or tissue paper to form your sculpture. Use masking tape or duct tape to wrap and hold the form together.

Step 3: Decide what color yarn you want to use. Wrap your form with yarn.

Step 4: Add decorations. Attach additional elements with yarn or tape.