O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Guardian Collage Inspired by Horton Humble

Explore Horton Humble’s Guardian sculpture in this O-riginal Art Activity.

Create your own mixed media guardian.

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Horton Humble, The Guardian, 2017, Welded steel, Collection of the artist

Horton Humble is a self-taught American painter, born in New Orleans. Humble’s work explores the human condition in relation to place. He is a founding member of the Level Artist Collective in New Orleans.

Supplies List:

Tape, Glue sticks, Card stock, Cardboard, Scissors


Step 1: Horton’s sculpture titled, The Guardian depicts a figure towering over buildings. What will your guardian look like? Is it big and strong or small and sly? What would it guard?

Step 2: Pick out the color paper you want for your background.

Step 3: Think about what shapes make up your guardian. Use the cardboard pieces to make the base of your figure. Arrange the cardboard on the paper to form your guardian. Layer pieces to create depth. Use tape and glue to secure the pieces to the paper.

Step 4: Add additional elements with pattern paper. Use markers to draw details like eyes on your guardian or windows on the buildings.