O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Collage Inspired by Walter Anderson

Walter Anderson is known for his depictions of nature. Explore animal habitats in this O-riginal Art Activity

Create a collage inspired by Walter Anderson’s painting.

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Blue Geese and DucksWalter Anderson, “Blue Geese and Ducks”, 1955, Watercolor on paper, Gift of the Roger H. Ogden Collection.

Mississippi artist Walter Anderson is well known for his watercolor artwork depicting nature. From 1945 until his death, Anderson lived a reclusive lifestyle in a cottage near his family’s pottery shop. During this time, he would take trips to a near island to capture the beauty of its nature.

Supplies List:

Crayons, Card stock, Markers, Glue stick, Animal template


Step 1: Choose either a bird or fish template. Use crayons and markers to color the animal.

Step 2: Use a glue stick to attach the colored template to a piece of card stock.

Step 3: Where do fish and birds live? What are their habitats? Think of an area where you see fish or birds.

Step 4: Use markers and crayons to draw a background that resembles a fish or bird’s habitat.