O-riginal Art Activities: Mixed Media Collage Inspired by Sarah French

Sarah French’s work often juxtaposes man-made elements with the natural world. In this O-riginal Art Activity take a closer look at your surroundings.

Create your own mixed media composition inspired by Sarah French.

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Sarah French, Birds on the Levee, 2018, Acrylic, Mixed media on wood, Collection of the artist

Sarah French received her bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from the University of Vermont. After moving to New Orleans, French became enthralled with the Mississippi River and its connection to the city. Much of her work is inspired by the interaction between nature and man-made structures found around the river and levees.

Supplies List:

Crayons, Cardstock, Markers, Scissors, Glue stick, Found objects


Step 1: Where do you live? What bodies of water are in your neighborhood or city? Use a crayon to draw a body of water that is familiar to you.

Step 2: What does the natural environment look like around this body of water? Use a crayon to draw the natural things that are found near the water (e.g. trees, flowers, rocks, etc…)

Step 3: Are there any man-made structures or objects near this body of water? Choose a piece of colored paper to draw a man-made structure or object (e.g. a bridge, fence, vehicle, etc…)

Step 4: Use scissors to cut out the man- made object. Use a glue stick to attach it to your drawing.

Step 5: Use found objects to add detail your collage.