O-riginal Art Activities: Geometric Family Portrait Inspired by Carl Joe Williams

Carl Joe Williams creates portraits of everyday people from his life and community. In this O-riginal Art Activity make an art piece dedicated to your friends or family.

Draw a family portrait incorporating Carl Joe’s signature geometric abstract patterns.

Download Activity

Carl Joe Williams, Self Portrait of the Artist as an Essence, Clarence and Annie Williams, the Early Years, 2019, Mixed media on board, Collection of the artist

Carl Joe Williams is an artist and musician based in the Uptown area of New Orleans. Known for his multimedia paintings, sculpture, installations, and interdisciplinary works – Williams uses found objects as the support on which he creates paintings and painted sculptures. Using vibrant colors in concentric patterns around skillfully crafted images, his paintings are narrative depictions of the world around him. His painted sculptures resonate with rhythmic geometry.

Supplies List:

Cardstock, Scissors, Glue sticks, Markers, Color Pencils 


Step 1: Use a pencil to sketch a family member and/or yourself. Use color pencils to shade and color your portrait.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out your portrait. Use a glue stick to glue the portrait onto the background.

Step 3: Use markers to color in the background pattern.