O-riginal Art Activities: Paper Monument Inspired by John Isiah Walton

Last night’s O-riginal Art Activity explored monuments and the stories they tell, examining John Isiah Walton’s paintings.

Imagine a new monument for New Orleans.

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John Isiah Walton, Undiscovered History of Greed Island, 2019, Oil on canvas. Located on 3rd Floor

John Isiah Walton, a native New Orleanian, creates paintings that pulsate with the rhythms of contemporary New Orleans music and dance. In his most recent work, Walton explores issues of race, identity, popular culture, and current events. In Undiscovered History of Greed Island, Walton uses the comic character of Yosemite Sam to comment on the 2017 removal of Confederate statues in New Orleans.

Supplies List:

Pencil, Markers, Color Pencils, Scissors, Cardstock


Step 1: If you could create a monument for something that is important to New Orleans or something that is important to yourself what would it be?

Step 2: Use markers or a pencil to draw your monument.

Step 3: Use scissors to cut out the monument. Also cut a slit in the bottom of the monument and the half circle. Put them together so that your monument stands up.