O-riginal Art Activities: Recycled Paper Sculpture Inspired by Ed Williford

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Recycle everyday materials such as a brown paper bag to create a sculpture inspired by Ed Williford.

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Ed Williford, Continuous Knot with Surface Articulation, 2019 Fabric, paper, wire, thread, glue, pigment, Collection of the artist

Ed Williford lives and works in Magnolia, Mississippi. He is known for his use of materials. In his sculpture, he often incorporates materials that can be found at a hardware store.


Paper Bag or Brown Paper, Stapler, Tape, Scissors


Step 1: Use scissors to cut the paper bag into long 2 inch strips. Cut the strips in half.

Step 2: Roll each piece into a cylinder. Use a stapler to staple it in place.

Step 3: Stack the multiple pieces to create a tube. As you add each new piece staple it in place. As you stack the pieces think about what form you want to create.

Step 4: Use scissors to cut designs in the edges of each piece or use tape to create designs and texture on your sculpture.


Abstract – an artwork that is comprised of shapes and colors

Sculpture – an artwork made from materials such as glass, wood, clay, metal that is 3D


Actividades artísticas O-riginales: Escultura de papel reciclada Inspirado por Ed Williford

Recicla materiales cotidianos, como una bolsa de papel, para crear una escultura inspirándote en Ed Williford.

Ed Williford, Continuous Knot with Surface Articulation, 2019 Fabric, paper, wire, thread, glue, pigment, Collection of the artist | Ed Williford, ,Nudo Continuo con Articulación Superficial, 2019. Tela, papel, alambre, hilo, pegamento, pigmentos, Collección del artista

Ed Williford vive y trabaja en Magnolia, Misisipi. Es conocido por los materiales que utiliza. En sus esculturas, generalmente utiliza materiales que pueden encontrarse en una tienda de herramientas.


Bolsa de papel, engrapadora, cinta adhesiva, tijeras.


Paso 1: Utiliza las tijeras para cortar la bolsa de papel en dos tiras largas. Corta las tiras por la mitad.

Paso 2: Enrolla cada pieza en forma de cilindro. Utiliza la engrapadora para unirlos bien.

Paso 3: Apila las piezas creando un tubo. Cada vez que agregues una pieza, engrapala. A medida que apilas las piezas, piensa en qué forma quieres crear.

Paso 4: Utiliza las tijeras para recortar diseños en los bordes de cada pieza o utiliza cinta adhesiva para crear diseños y textura en tu escultura.


Abstracción:  una  obra  de  arte  conformada  por  formas y colores.

Escultura: una obra de arte 3D hecha con materiales como vidrio, madera, arcilla o metal.

Translation by Agostina Coll


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