James Flynn

I am a native of New Orleans, born and raised.  Although I have always painted, at the age of 17, I began my life as a mariner. In the course of sailing to Brazil and Africa, I studied the science of Spherical Trigonometry and acquired my knowledge in the art of Terrestrial and Celestial navigation. This experience contributed greatly to my aesthetic and precision technique.

In 1989, I ventured to Mexico seeking out the Surrealist painter/sculptor Pedro Friedeberg.  This interaction proved to be a watershed moment in the development of my own artistic expression.  I continue to engage Friedeberg as his lifelong student to this day, and have participated in several exhibitions with Friedeberg in Mexico.  In 2003, I began work as the last studio assistant to Abstract Minimalist Peter Lobello, whose work and techniques deeply influenced me.

I am fascinated by the nature of human consciousness and perception.  My opto-kinetic paintings are geometrical abstract explorations in Chromoluminarism (a technique pioneered by Seurat) and chromatic induction.  By experimenting with ambiguous geometry, skewed perspective, and the Pareidolia Effect, I seek to challenge the viewer’s perception.

My work can be viewed here.