Curated Conversation with Jeremy Novy

Last month, our Kohlmeyer Circle members enjoyed a special talk with artist Jeremy Novy and Bradley Sumrall, Curator of the Collection.

In this conversation with Jeremy Novy and Bradley Sumrall, we learn about Jeremy’s artistic background, see his work from around the country and discuss his role in the queer street art movement.

Jeremy Novy is a contemporary artist, currently based in San Francisco, whose practice is firmly rooted in street art traditions and uses stencils as his primary medium. You may recognize the koi fish that he has painted on sidewalks and buildings around New Orleans. He has created other pieces around the city as well, some that you may be less familiar with; “Jeremy Novy’s unique brand of street art is ripe with thoughtful social examinations. Novy has combated a homophobic lack of representation with a celebration of gay iconography, bringing joviality and warmth to disused urban spaces.”

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