Movement Mondays: Build a Cardboard Fort

Create a place where you can embark on imaginary adventures in a cardboard fort.

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A fort is a building or unit that is created to help defend against enemy invaders. A fort is a strong building or a place with a wall or fence around it where soldiers can stay safe from the enemy attacks. There are many ways of constructing a fort such as building it with pillows, bed sheets or cardboard boxes.


Hot glue or Tape, Scissors, Cardboard boxes


Note: Complete this activity with the help and permission of a parent or guardian. 

Step 1: Collect old or new cardboard boxes that are not in use for this project. 

Step 2: Find an area inside your home or in the backyard where you would like your fort to be. What kind of fort will you create? Will you create a grand, expansive fort or a small cozy fort? 

Step 3: How will you construct your fort? Take some time to decide on the placement of the boxes. Stack the boxes to make a really tall fort. Place the boxes in a row to create a protective wall or barrier to your fort.   

Step 4: Add details to your fort. Use scissors to create a roof, door, or windows by cutting out shapes in the boxes themselves or add to your fort with cardboard from a different box.

Step 5: Once you have all of the parts and placement of the pieces, assemble your fort using hot glue or tape. Caution: Glue guns get hot. Only use with adult supervision. 

Step 6 (Optional): Paint your fort with different patterns, colors, or designs. Remember to ask a parent or guardian to paint proof the area before you start painting. 

Note: Once your fort is fully dry, you can move it to different areas of your house or backyard. After dark, continue the fun by exploring your fort using a flashlight!