Brian St Cyr

Born in 1963, Brian St Cyr started drawing at a very young age. Creating highly detailed fantastic panoramas and “still-lifes” based on whatever was lying around, he made up for being a shy child by having a very rich interior life. It wasn’t until graduating from Mass Art in 1992 however that he began pursuing his talents full time. After graduating from Mass Art, he road-tripped cross-country and set up his home and studio in New Orleans. Splitting time between the “Big Apple” and the “Big Easy” he freelanced at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC while simultaneously working at his studio in New Orleans. Bearing the fruits of the best of both worlds, Brian’s work reflects the influence of such seemingly disparate entities of Minimalism, uninhabited rural rabbit hutches, children’s books illustrations and insects. He regularly shows in New Orleans and was the 2015 Contemporary Art’s Center “Silver Circle Sculpture Artist”. Brian currently lives in the Marigny below his studio with his wife Bekah and their family of pets.