Andrea Brown


Andrea Brown is a passionate and prolific mixed media artist. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (Textiles and Glass), and studied abroad in the south of France at the Ecole des Beaux Arts (Painting and Sculpture). A year and half ago, she left behind her northeastern life, both as an urbanite and a rural-ite, to settle here in New Orleans. When not working in her studio or collaborating with other artists, she has spent over two decades teaching Art. She also enjoys creating theater sets, doing home renovation work and running her gardening business.


Working with diverse materials, both sculpturally and two-dimensionally, is what inspires Ms. Brown. Much of her sculptural work uses found materials and many of her flat work pieces use pre-existing surfaces to paint or draw upon such as vintage linoleum, feed bags, dollar store posters, or a woven painting. Andrea’s most extensive body of work, called Woven Paintings, involve a large loom where she weaves tactile canvases made of measuring tape, film strip, electrical wiring and other unconventional linear material. These canvases are painted using an earthy yet bold palette that harkens to such cultures as the West Indies, Hispaniola, and Indian Asia. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout her career.