Adult Art Class Session I Dips into Drip Painting

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, museum educator Mikhayla Harrell led yet another fun-filled class of Adult Art Class Session I. Gaining inspiration from 2021 Louisiana Contemporary, presented by The Helis Foundation artist Bianca Walker, this class focused on action painting. Action painting, also known as gestural abstraction, is the process of dripping, splashing or smearing paint onto a surface. Participants used brushes, straws and cups to apply house paint to canvas sheets.

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Fun Fact – Action painting is most commonly associated with artists such as Jackson Pollock, who is recognized for introducing the practice to the modern art world during the 1940s. Pollock’s rhythmic method of dripping paint was heavily inspired by the rhythms within jazz music. The next time you are listening to your favorite tunes, try painting to the rhythm!