Bryce Williams Artist Statement

Bryce Williams, Xavier University, Fern Platter, Stoneware, 2019,12″x4″x2″


Bryce Williams, Xavier University, Refill, Ceramic, 2019, 3′ x 2.75′


I make work about people living with HIV and AIDS, the Queer community, and reconstructing lost faith. Through repetition, craftsmanship, and interaction, my work focuses on drawing the viewer into the experience of my intersectional identities. A mug is a familiar object to most. I focus on taking this functional object as a self-portrait and displaying that object in other useful ways not traditionally given to a mug. I want to create space where conversations about issues that divide us can be explored by embracing the beauty of difference instead of highlighting the fear of the unknown.


Bryce Williams, Xavier University, My Body, My Blood, Monotype print, 2020, 12″x9″