RaMell Ross uses film and photography to blur the lines between the obvious and inferred. The way he frames, crops or focuses his photographs changes the context behind the image. Consider the following prompts below to reflect on the way images are represented in Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body: The Work of RaMell Ross.


  • In what ways has RaMell Ross reimagined imagery through his photographic lens? Why?
  • After exploring this exhibition and Ogden Museum, use your phone camera to reimagine an object or work of art as your own, changing its context/meaning entirely.
  • Try cropping the image, making it larger or smaller or use your phone’s editing to change its color etc. 


  • This ceramic sculpture was painted by RaMell Ross’s mother Gisele Ross. Why do you think he included this object in the exhibition? What could it represent to the artist?
  • Without using your physical image, think of another way to represent or frame yourself or someone else. Then create a portrait without making reference to your body/figure. 
  • In addition to traditional art making supplies, think of other means by which to represent yourself (writing, music, spoken word, performance, etc.).
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