Ogden Museum School

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Launched in 2016, the Ogden Museum School is a museum/school partnership that provides a learning path of arts experiences for students beginning in Pre-K and extending through 12th grade. This program cultivates long-term relationships with area schools and encourages students to discover meaning through an active intellectual process.

How does Ogden Museum School work?

Upon entering into a Museum School partnership, a school commits to:

  • Participate in a teacher Professional Development session to create a plan of action at the beginning of each academic year
  • Participate in at least two Ogden Museum Curriculum Experiences in a school year, such as museum tours, Early Childhood Tours, Junior Curator Program, Day with an Artist, Studio Classroom Program and Artists and Sense of Place Residency
  • Promote of Ogden Museum events such as Teacher Workshops, Family Days, Summer Camps, and other public programs

Upon entering into a Museum School partnership, the Ogden Museum commits to:

  • Offer Museum School Curriculum programs led by Museum Educators and trained docents
  • Provide bus transportation reimbursement (available to schools if necessary)
  • Provide promotional materials for Ogden Museum events for distribution to the school community
  • Provide an “Ogden Museum School” designation sticker for display and a Museum web logo for school use
  • Recognize school as an Ogden Museum School on the Museum’s website

To find out how your school can become an Ogden Museum School, contact Michelle Pontiff, Education Manager at mpontiff@ogdenmuseum.org.