Ogden Museum School

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Launched in 2016, the Ogden Museum School is a museum/school partnership that provides a learning path of arts experiences for students beginning in Pre-K and extending through 12th grade. This program cultivates long-term relationships with area schools and encourages students to discover meaning through an active intellectual process.

How does Ogden Museum School work?

Upon entering into a Museum School partnership, a school commits to:

  • Participate in a teacher Professional Development session to create a plan of action at the beginning of each academic year
  • Participate in at least two Ogden Museum Curriculum Experiences in a school year, such as museum tours, Early Childhood Tours, Junior Curator Program, Day with an Artist, Studio Classroom Program and Artists and Sense of Place Residency
  • Promote of Ogden Museum events such as Teacher Workshops, Family Days, Summer Camps, and other public programs

Upon entering into a Museum School partnership, the Ogden Museum commits to:

  • Offer Museum School Curriculum programs led by Museum Educators and trained docents
  • Provide bus transportation reimbursement (available to schools if necessary)
  • Provide promotional materials for Ogden Museum events for distribution to the school community
  • Provide an “Ogden Museum School” designation sticker for display and a Museum web logo for school use
  • Recognize school as an Ogden Museum School on the Museum’s website

To find out how your school can become an Ogden Museum School, contact Ellen Balkin, Director of Education at ebalkin@ogdenmuseum.org.