Makeda Wells Artist Statement

Makeda Wells, Xavier University, Cloudy Campus, Photography and Photoshop, 2020


Makeda Wells, Xavier University, The Intersection, Photography and Photoshop, 2020


Makeda Wells, Xavier University, My Happy Place, Oil on canvas, 2019

During my Sophomore year my art has focused on studying emotions and the human form. I enjoy creating artwork surrounding these themes because it allows me to express feelings I otherwise don’t have the vocabulary to describe. Many of these pieces fit into a larger collection of work surrounding emotions, how they feel and are interpreted, and how the larger community defines them. These ideas are often presented in my work through the color scheme, the perceived and actual texture of the piece, as well as the objects within the piece.

As an artist, when an audience sees my work I want them to be able to insert themselves into the world I have created and in turn discover what emotions it evokes from within them. I believe that the audience’s interpretation of my works is as much a part of the piece as the actual act of me creating it.

All in All, words are hard, art is fun, *insert a nice ending here*.



Makeda Wells, Xavier University, Negative Thoughts, Oil on canvas, 2019