La’Shance Perry Artist Statement

La’Shance Perry, Xavier University, Proud Neighbor, Photography


La’Shance Perry, Xavier University, Red House Blues, Photography


When I say that I live in Hollygrove, (New Orleans, Louisiana) it is met with a shocked look followed by a “You live where? Be safe out there!” With a longstanding reputation many believe the people reflect this notoriety and this simply not correct. “The People of Hollygrove” serves to capture the beauty, joy and beautiful black skin of the community surviving economic shortcomings. The people are strong, rallying around each other in times of need. The community cares for one another, many of the homes posting “Proud Hollygrove Neighbor” in their front lawn. At first glance, a person might miss the joy that radiates from the “17 ward” but sure enough it’s there. The People of Hollygrove welcomed me into their space and allowed me to capture the unique essence of an entire amazing community of individuals.


La’Shance Perry, Xavier University, Looking Towards the Future, Photography


La’Shance Perry, Xavier University, Hair Care, Photography