Center for Southern Craft & Design Pop-Up Emma Fick

The Center for Southern Craft & Design presents Pop-Up artist, Emma Fick!

Emma Fick was born in Louisiana in 1991. She got her degree in in English Literature and Art History in 2013, and went on to teach English in Serbia on a Fulbright scholarship. Her experience in Siberia inspired her to create her “Snippets,” which are watercolor illustrations that reflect on Siberian culture. Eventually, Fick returned to Siberia to paint thanks to a US grant she had received. This led to the publishing of her first book, Snippets of Siberia, a collection of watercolor illustrations. After returning to New Orleans, she created Snippets of New Orleans, which was published in 2017. Since then, Fick’s focus has shifted to combining elements of Louisiana-specific symbols and ancient Byzantine style. Currently, her work centers on cultural, biological and floral hybrids.

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