LaToya C. Thompson (Southern University at New Orleans)

My works are an expression of the way that I feel in relation to family, community and my political views; they are used as a means of encouragement to others. I can tell my stories through hand-made quilts, paintings, textile collages and prints that speak of the wisdom and strength of ancestors.

Each piece depicts aspects of my own cultural traditions. Most of my works include the use of bright colors and African materials to represent my African-American Heritage. My works are inspired by my dreams, visions from GOD and everyday life. Quilt-making played a big role in the development of the culture in the rural area of South Carolina. As a child, I watched my grandmother use old worn-out clothes to make beautiful quilts to keep us warm at night. She is the reason I am quilting today and has greatly influenced the way I express my work. Most of my work is about women in my family, as shown by my use of strong black female figures.