Irvin Washington (Xavier University)

My passion for both the arts and skateboarding has been the drive behind my art. The skate community has a lot of negative stigma and stereotypes that are associated with it. In many instances, skaters are often treated as outcasts or delinquents by the public, but in reality, they are human like everyone else.

The purpose of this work is to provide a spotlight on the innovation and uniqueness that is in the world of skateboarding. I use various mediums including photography, graphic design and more traditional methods such as ink and paint to assist in showcasing the vibrant personalities and ideals that exist in the people and community of skating. Skating allows people to express themselves how they see fit. Everything you see on a skater from the way they dress, to the tricks they like, to the skateboard they ride is a reflection of them as a skater. Skateboarding is a meeting point where culture and personality combine to create endless outcomes. At the end of the day, I want people to see the greatness that exists in the sport of skateboarding. My hope is that people leave with a newfound appreciation for the world of skateboarding.